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Graphic Design & Marketing

Today beautiful designs are more important than ever. But what use is a pretty design if it doesn't accomplish your marketing goals? My design philosophy is to create clean, creative, and effective graphics to support and enhance your business objectives.


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Graphic Design Marketing
Client Testimonials 
"Jennifer has been great to work with! She was able to help us move forward on some projects that had been previously started but stalled out. We appreciate her responsiveness and professionalism."

Jodi Guerin | Co-owner

Fine Art

Fine Art

I’ve been creating artwork since I was small, but cultivated my work through my BFA in Graphic Design, continued education, and personal exploration. I make loose and colorful floral or nature inspired watercolors along with ceramics of the same subjects. These two mediums couldn’t be more different but I can express the beauty and joy of nature in each.


I work quickly & loosely with inspiration right in front of me (i.e. a beautiful flower) or use my memory to create the florals, trees, or leaves I remember. I create what brings me enjoyment in the moment.  In a world where working and being busy are strongly valued, I feel we’ve forgotten that life is also about finding and cultivating  joy. Through my journey, I’ve found what brings me happiness and I hope my work will bring you a smile, a sense of calmness, and a bit of nature into your space.

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About Me

Hi I'm Jennifer - owner, artist, and designer. I have extensive 

experience in both in-house and freelance graphic design. I enjoy getting to know my clients and create beautiful branding and products to meet their needs. 


Painting and crafting has been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember. I enjoy working in a variety of mediums and find they each bring out a different type of creativity. 


I live in Laramie, Wyoming with my husband, Kyle. Besides being an all-around creative, I enjoy horse riding,  yoga, and swing dancing.